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Technology is opening the door to new opportunities.

We are building a better world, better businesses,
and focusing on improving the processes that meet our society's needs.


Responsive websites and Native Apps all rolled into one

Retina Device friendly - Google scorecard optimized

Build Business Applications, Interactive Tools, Games

Create new Services and Improve Existing

Anything that you can think of that works on your mobile device or computer that propels your organization needs can be built to scale for now and the future. Think of how powerful your own custom tool integrated into your organization, powered by integrated cloud managed features requiring minimal overhead, inclusive maximum support, and reduced time to market.

For example: Connect your proposal, invoicing, communication, bookkeeping and countless other business functional needs.

Or perhaps your business is looking at new ways of improving your marketing without going down the same road, or better yet, like our corporate client and issue shares and contracts on the blockchain.

Software development in open-source technology, based locally in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego County.

google mobile friendly

So you want a website. One that is not in self-destruct mode. Well that's great.

In 2017 we are building an improved HTML5 interface, and implementing the latest Javascript libraries for handling those critical interface matters.

The days of simple websites is over. Don't purchase disposable websites. Like this website. It is static and highly disposable. Sure this site looks snazzy and I bet I could make a ton of money flipping you a clone like those fly by night site dealers, but please let me emphasize, I don't work that way.

I work with business owners who are daunted by the ever-changing technology. The truth is, we are in an explosive phase of technological growth. And it's so exciting to be able to offer the apex of all business focused solutions I have ever been able to offer. Now is the time to make the investment in your business, into establishing the right technology behind your organizational needs.

Your website is an API driven data powerhouse. Learn more.


Apache server

Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS, React

Wordpress, Drupal, CMS

PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java

React Native, iOS / Andriod Apps

Search Engine Ranking / Optimization / Analytics

Marketing / Whitepaper / Use Case analysis

Trademark / Patent research and development

Mockup, Web Design, UX/UI, Prototypes

Newsletter / Social Media / Viral Marketing

Business Plan / Funding

Organizational Security


Wordpress Custom Build

.ASP themeing

Wordpress, S2Member API

Wordpress Custom Build

Wordpress Custom Build

Wordpress Custom Build

Wordpress Custom Build

Wordpress Custom Build